Phlebotomist/ Specimen Processor - Raulerson Hospital - HCA East Florida Division (Okeechobee, FL)

Phlebotomist/ Specimen Processor-01079-2893 Job: Laboratory Schedule: Part-time Description Position Summary Performs any three of the following non-technical support functions in a hospital/clinical laboratory setting: specimen collection, specimen processing, submission and monitoring of specimens submitted to referral laboratories for esoteric testing and patient registration. Qualifications Position Requirements: 1. Ability to interact with co-workers in a team environment, promoting a harmonious and cooperative working environment. 2. Demonstrates excellent customer service practices in all interactions. 3. Effectively communicate with all personnel to exchange accurate and timely technical information. 4. May assist in communication to customers, floors, physicians regarding problem and/or pending specimens. 8. Adheres to company policies and standards regarding security 9. Completes assigned courses and training on an annual basis 10. Available to work during disasters Specimen Collection Functions: 1. Demonstrates a thorough understanding of specimen collection and testing requirements as well as specimen rejection criteria 2. Demonstrates proficiency in venipunctures and/or fingersticks on pediatric, neonatal, adults and geriatric patients 3. Demonstrates proficiency in heelsticks on infants (as patient population requires) 4. Utilizes supplies appropriately 6. Completes appropriate specimen collection documentation 7. Educates patient and/or family regarding specimen collection procedures prior to obtaining specimen 8. Uses computer information system relative to job functions 9. Responsible for clerical duties (i.e., faxing, phones, pneumatic tube system, reports) 10. Demonstrates ability to deal with priorities first and plans for completion of duties 11. Reviews Outstanding Specimen Report (OSR) and pending specimen collections/accessioning issues; takes action as appropriate Specimen Processing Functions: 1. Receives laboratory specimens into the laboratory information system 3. Labels specimens and aliquots according to established protocols and according to testing ordered 4. Demonstrates a thorough understanding of specimen collection and testing requirements as well as specimen rejection criteria 5. Centrifuges and aliquots specimens appropriately, based on specimen type and tests ordered. 7. Discards laboratory specimens according to established schedule 8. Performs periodic preventive maintenance and quality assurance procedures as assigned 9. Collects chain-of-custody drug collections according to establish policy (as laboratory may require) 11. Cleans the area upon emergency spills of specimens Source:

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